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Collection 2 - Noah's Arc

Collection 2 - Noah's Arc

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This drawing is based on the scripture in Genesis 7, where God is angry at what the world and the people of the world has become and how it had become consumed with sin and evil and He decides to flood the earth, wipe it out and start over. However the story teaches us about relationship with God, having His favour and God being faithful and keeping His promise.

NB:Please note that this is a digital product.

Printed colours may differ from on-screen colours.

Printing Suggestions:

I suggest 2 different types of prints depending on the look at style you are going for.

Either print on high quality thick 200+ gsm acid free paper OR on thick glossy paper such as 130gsm as this is great for high quality colour images and text on either matt or glossy finish.

Depending on your preferences please not that by default printing shops printers automatically print with a white border, therefore if you are wanting a white border perhaps ask them for an even white border or alternatively as designed ask them to print the image borderless, most printing shops will have this capability however I do know that Postnet cannot print borderless, so just ensure the shop you choose is able to print how you would prefer it.

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