About Us

The idea to start this project and website was born one morning while doing bible study, I had been searching for something to pour my creativity and energy into and could never quite find something that felt right. On this morning while reading the idea came to me and it all just felt so clearly laid out, and it felt right!
I immediately leapt into action and grabbed a brown paper bag shoved in a cupboard somewhere and started drawing, the initial drawing where it all started does not feature in collection 1, however it will feature in the future. 
The whole thing, from start to finish happened in about 9 days. I was inspired, I felt driven, and I felt like this time I needed to follow through with the idea. 
I am so happy to present a passion project and labour of love! This is only the start and much more to come in the future.
My hope is that others will love and enjoy these prints as much as I do. I hope that these prints will inspire, create peaceful corners in your home and serve as faithful reminders of Jesus and WHO HE IS as you move through the spaces in your home.